Sunday, October 28, 2012


They're not actually roses but carnations. And no I didn't go out wearing the floral headpiece. I DIY-ed this piece a couple of months ago for a shoot and it happened to be in the car when we shot this so I reckon it would add interest to a rather basic outfit. 
The jacket is owned by the boyf, I was the one who bought this for him but I feel like am a tough cookie while wearing this so I might be borrowing this often. :) 

Hope you had a fun weekend, loves. :)


Military jacket - thrifted 
Denim shorts - Calvin Klein 
Tie Dye shirt - thrifted 
Boots - thrifted 
Floral headpiece - DIY 
Spike bracelet - Downtown find 
Men's watch - Dad's

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Just dropping by to say, I'm now on Instagram!

If you wish to follow me and my mini photoblogging. Find me: 



Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have been on a conscious effort to eat less and eat only healthy foods the last two weeks. God, i didn't know losing weight could be so difficult. I've always been a heavy rice eater so it's hard to veer away from my regular diet. I've lost 1 kilo so far,  I have yet to lose 6 more. I don't know how I'm gonna do that in a span of 1.5 months. haha

On to the outfit...

 I'm not the type who follows trends to the hilt. In fact, I easily get discouraged  to try one if a certain style of dress has plagued the displays of department stores, online shops, or bazaars. I don't know it's just me. haha So I know I'm super late on the mullet trend. I bought this dress because I am a sucker for polka dots and lace. The hi-lo cut was just a bonus. :)


Polka dot mullet dress - bazaar find
Floral heels - Bloggers United 3 bazaar 
Quilted bag - thrifted
Sunglasses - Fly SM

Monday, October 1, 2012

{ S A L M O N }

I am currently loving shades of salmon, peach, and melon. It's pleasing to the eyes and i believe it compliments my skin tone. I have been looking for these hues during my recent thrifting excursions.
I've kind of laid low to spending much time in vintage shops in the past months but lately  we found ourselves seeking the treasure tents of Carbon and Mandaue week after week. The boyfriend have been surprisingly supportive of my thrifting escapades so that really made me a happy, non-bitchy girlfriend to him lately. :)


Salmon top - thrifted 
Houndstooth miniskirt - thrifted 
Heels - Primadonna 
Bag - Vintage Chanel 
Necklace - SM

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Sometimes, ideas pop out here and there when I cram. Back in college, I had the penchant of memorizing formulae and equations on the dawn of a morning exam. And the results always turned out fine. Yes, I work better when under pressure. I hate to overplan and I'm not comfortable of being too prepared. A little entropy in life is good. I hate being too organized, I want a little chaos. If you ask me if I have a ten-year plan or even a five-year plan, I have none. I just like to live for the moment and seize the day as it comes. 

Pardon me If I'm blabbing again. What I'm saying is it's less than two months to go and I'm only 40% done with my preparations. I can do this. Because I work best when under pressure. 

I'm off to another brainstorming session with the boyfriend. I have so much to share in the coming days. :)


Scarf-print polo - thrifted 
Denim shorts - Levi's 501
Purple heels - Tru 
Shoulder bag - Charles Jourdan 
Wide-brim hat - c/o Vanilla Ice Cream

Monday, September 24, 2012


At one of my favorite beach in the Philippines.

Kookoo's Nest, Antulang, Negros Oriental. 
Quiet, underrated, and a true beauty.

I shall see you again soon. :)

{ Photos taken last November 2011 on our 10th anniversary. :) }

Monday, September 17, 2012


Couldn't think of a much better title. 
Sometimes choosing a title for a post could turn out to be a much difficult feat than deciding for the design of your wedding gown. haha

Some of the photos stocked up on my phone over the last couple of months.  

All photos taken using my trusty Blackberry.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


We've been to Bohol on various occasions either for a wedding or engagement session but the place holds a beauty so dear that I still can't stop myself from abusing the shutter button of my camera.

One of the perks of out of town shoots is you get to discover really awesome places and meet really wonderful people who stuff you with really delicious and gastronomic meals. Really. Andaming really. haha

Thank you Melai and Ruel for showing us around and for making our job a million times easier. You're both fun to work with and the camera just loves you. :)

The Outfit:

Wore something light and breezy because it was specially hot that day. This skirt was of the perfect length; it's comfortably long enough to cover the knickers when I have to get down for a shot.
Plus the print was a no-brainer, I just had to wear it. 

Graphic skirt: thrifted , Gingham blouse: thrifted, Denim vest: thrifted, Boater hat: SM, Sunglasses: BTC, Camel sandals: Primadonna, Bag: Vintage

Photos: Dred Reveries