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Monday, September 17, 2012


Couldn't think of a much better title. 
Sometimes choosing a title for a post could turn out to be a much difficult feat than deciding for the design of your wedding gown. haha

Some of the photos stocked up on my phone over the last couple of months.  

All photos taken using my trusty Blackberry.

Friday, April 27, 2012



Hope Cebu comes up with more of these beautifully designed theme cafes. :) 

- Sunday 2 pm @ Sarrosa International Hotel.
- Nice Things @ Banilad Town Center.
- The Pantry @ The Gallery.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend, darlings! :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Color, florals, beach, intricate details, cherry blossoms two blocks from where i live. Just some of the snaps of my summer life according to my phone. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012



- I'm drawn to anything green lately; mint satchel &sweater, oversized green python bag, and green accessories. They look refreshing and they suit my skin tone i guess. 

- Had an impromptu shoot with the boyfriend at some deserted part of family park. Believe me I didn't request it, he did.  It was a pressure to pose for someone who had set you a high standard prior to the shoot. He said no blogger pose.  So I had a hard time posing. haha

- Proud of myself that I made such a gorgeous floral headpiece for an engagement shoot we had  a while back. Had to recycle it and try it for myself. 

- Happened to see the cutest Volkswagen Combi on the street while hailing a cab. I want to hire it as a wedding car. I got hold of the plate number. But how to contact, that is the question. 

- Dead trees are appealing, yes? Especially against the blue summer sky. 

- This years summer is one of the hottest and the driest ever.  I sweat even if I just got out of the shower. 

- Boyfriend surprised me with Krispy Kreme donuts when we met up after work. A simple act of sweetness like this goes a long way. 

- Window shopping and just literally window-shopping.  I just stop and ogle at the beautiful clothes on display and don't dare go inside coz my self-control is not legendary. Mango displays are always tempting. Mango, you just have to wait till my self-imposed shopping ban ends.

- We've learned the art of compromise. Fair and square. One instance he had his way and we got KFC. The next day, I had quesadilla.

- If I want to go back to my 47.5kg self, then I have to stop eating pasta. Seriously.  

- So this is how it feels to be featured on the cover of a magazine. A fake magazine that is. A friend from work  made this and featured me wearing my Pocahontas costume last Christmas. As to why TWEET, make a guess. haha

Sunday, March 4, 2012



It's no secret that apart from dressing up, photography is something I am really passionate about. I love to take photos and the vain in me also loves to be on the photos. I don't lug a heavy DSLR everyday so a cellphone will suffice for all my shutter cravings. And getting a phone that allows me to shoot even the most mundane of things has been one of the better decisions I made last month. 
So here's a round-up of what I did with the week that was. 

- The boyf switched to Canon 5D Mark II. But i will still be shooting with Nikon. 
- Planning to buy more colorful shoes. I seriously lack blue shoes to complete the primary colors. Oh wait, I have blue. No need to buy. {Boyfriend must be doing the happy dance now}
- I love quesadillas. I have to eat them at least once a week to keep me alive. 
- I have been praying a lot lately. For my dad's health. God knows I never prayed to become rich. My prayers are always centered on me and my loved ones' health and safety. And world peace. 
- Planning to do my first DIY necklace using those scrap black circular things. I am on a hunt for a cute wire to stitch them together. 
- First week of the lifting of uniform policy and i'm obviously elated. 
- Staying true to my resolution to update my blog as often as i can. 
- Boyfriend added another shirt to his growing rock-shirt collection. 
- Rekindled my love for red nails.
- Realized that my "pambahay" dress is  a perfect mix of paisley, electric pleats, and bohemian midi skirt. I have to stop wearing it as a pambahay and give it some outdoor love. 

Planning to make this a weekly thing. Thank you for reading all my blabberings. 

Happy Sunday! :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{ W A N D E R L U S T }


Last Sunday my feet brought me to this spur of the moment trip to the north of Cebu in Gibitngil Island. I guess the wanderlust in me could never be tamed.  

Photos were captured using my blackberry phone
Official set to be posted soon. :)

Stay tuned. xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Denim blouse: thrifted, Skirt: thrifted, Ankle boots: Forever 21

 I promised myself to wear more skirts and dresses in the coming days. I noticed I've been wearing a lot of my default shorts look lately  because it's either I was too lazy to come up with something interesting or was just in a hurry to browse through the cabinet for some mix and matching. With the lifting of our uniform policy this March,  I am hoping I could squeeze in some decent outfit shots at work. 

Also, I finally got myself a more hightech cellphone. Believe it or not, this is the first mobile phone I ever own. My past phones were all hand me downs. I'm not very particular with a phone's aesthetic value for as long as it could text and call. And being a forever clumsy person, I thought it was a waste of money to invest in something i know will definitely break into pieces coz of my clumsiness. haha
But you know everybody is entitled to a change of heart. So here I am finally starting to love and have a relationship with my phone.

I got all busy with my phone during my recent trip to Manille. I'm currently addicted to mobile uploads on facebook. Please forgive the first-timer, it shall pass. haha Next project to master is Twitter. Baby steps.