Monday, December 7, 2015


Hello! It's been ages since I last updated this blog with an outfit post. 
Oh well blame it on the husband. hahaha Truth be told, asking him to do my outfit shots had always been a constant source of argument between us long before we were married. So you know it came to a point that I got tired and just stopped asking him. Kidding aside, I can't blame him though coz he has a lot of things on his hands lately. Besides, marriage is all about compromises and not sweating out the small stuff. And there are also a lot of more important things that deserve more of my time and attention and that is raising two beautiful kids and running a household.

But hey, the husband was extra nice to me a couple of days ago and volunteered (yes, he volunteered!  awwwww!) to spare me a couple of shots. :) Thanks to my fuchsia lipstick coz the husband got the message! :)


All thrifted!!!  #WaisNaMisis