Monday, January 28, 2013

{ C L I F F S I D E }

Some outtakes from our engagement shoot in the cliffs of the Antulang peninsula. 

It is very important that your engagement photos be taken by someone you are comfortable with. Because this session entails a lot of things you don't normally do on a daily basis. I for one am not a showy person so it's hard for me to be all sweet and lovey dovey in front of a group of people. I am just really thankful and lucky that ours were taken by a member of our team, James Diayon, who is also a great friend by the way and who shares the same style and creativity as us.   So it was all fun fun fun! Notice my reaction. I didn't know I was bungisngis like that. hahaha

For couples who enlist the service of professional photographers for their wedding, engagement session is the best way to bond with your photographer and warm up to them. Believe me, during the first few shots the couple are usually stiff and shy and sweaty. But after a few clicks, laughs, and conversation, the couple is back to their natural and charming old selves. So come your wedding day, it will be as easy as pie and you'll be like best friends! Also, it is crucial that you choose a photographer that matches your style. All photographers i believe capture amazing and quality photos. But they surely vary in artistic approach and style. Some couple prefer photographers with fine art approach, others are awed with out-of-the-box style, and some prefer the teleserye-poster types.  So the secret is you must know your style first and start the search from there. :)

The last four photos were from the official set. Head on over to Marlon Capuyan Photography for more. :)


Flowy white skirt - custom-made 
Black swimsuit - Anne Klein 
Animal print booties - Forever 21 
Floppy hat - SM 
Tribal bead necklace - Charity fundraising find

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Set of photos from our engagement shoot which haven't seen the light of social network day. I wanted the "grungy starcrossed lovers who ran away after a music concert" kind of concept for this. I don't know if we achieved it given that resources-wise we were a bit constrained since this was an out-of-town shoot. I was even left to my novice make-up skills for my look. I did not know how to do it so I just depended on my first ever owned false eyelashes to be able to say at least I tried. haha
I'd say engagement session is the best part of the marriage preparation. Coz during this day you kind of forget the rest of the stressful parts (especially budgeting haha) and just be there to have fun, be silly, and create memories you both will cherish for the rest of your lives. 


Neon crop top - Forever 21
Denim shorts - Calvin Klein 
Plaid vest - thrifted 
Animal-print booties - Forever 21

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Blogging might have been overshadowed with much more important things last year but that didn't mean i totally lost my love for it. My last entry was in October before I got married (yes, I got married last November, more of that in another entry) and after that my schedule just went haywire. There were just lots of things to do I didn't even know where to begin. This is my first time to live independently away from home. The household chores is really what's killing me right now. Everything's happening so incredibly fast I badly need a day-off to absorb as in really ABSORB these changes. 

The Sinulog festival is this weekend but i'm in no mood to celebrate in the streets. Would really love to go to the beach and stare at the horizon for an hour and just lay there all day with a good book in hand. I would really love to do that. 

Photos taken last October 2012.

Kookoo's Nest, Antulang, Negros Oriental. 


Anne Klein swimsuit, Levi's  denim cut-offs, SM floppy hat