Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm always in love with military-inspired dressing regardless if its in fashion or not. The 
tough i-dont-really-care vibe of military pieces contribute to the badassness of an outfit. It adds a dose of confidence on days when I'm lazy to dress up.

Olive green jacket: Izzue, Grey shirt: Giordano, Leggings: SM Dept. Store

Stole the olive green jacket and grey shirt from my dad. He's just one size larger than I am so I could very well fit into his clothes. :)

We delivered some items for a client that morning and proceeded to a  short meeting after. Wore this Forever 21 leopard booties because it's been ages since I last wore this pair. Just giving it some lovin' because shoes tend to self-destruct if you don't take it out for a spin.

Rings: 168 Mall, Bag: Thrifted

 I used to dress ruggedly back in college and this ball cap is a remnant of my old college clothes. No fuss dressing was the norms in engineering school back then I wonder if that's still true up to now. :)

Changed into flats after for an afternoon engagement shoot for  Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream. Too excited to post the photos here. I might post BTS shots. :)

Leopard booties: Forever 21, Blue flats: Greenhills 

That's it for now. Hope you had a blast with your long weekend! :)

Photos: Marlon Capuyan (

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Looking at these photos from our short Moalboal trip makes me wish every week is a long weekend. August is blessed with four holidays all of which were luckily added to three of the four weekends. I guess I was just spoiled a  bit. Now it makes me sad that this weekend will be the last of that holiday. I will miss  this luxury of chill out time. :(

This was what I wore en route to Moalboal. Comfort and functionality should always be one's utmost priority when traveling. And with the surge of hot weather in Cebu, denim cut-offs is the way to go.  

Biggest bang for my buck: Kimono cover-up which I thrifted in Carbon a few months back.

Cute and fun accessories to keep up with the colorful and laidback vibe of the outfit. 

I used to have skinny legs back in college and wearing shorts was my biggest fashion frustration. Chicken legs leave an awkward gap in between legs and I hated that. So when I started to develop "healthy ones", I remember this is the first pair of shorts I used and abused. And yey they still fit me up to now although they're a little tight already on the midsection part. Someone needs to burn those excess calories asap. haha

I think Moalboal is the most accessible white sand beach outside of Metro Cebu. So it's our go-to place whenever we want a taste of the sand and sea. There are also a lot of interesting pit stops along the way (another reason why we love going back to this place :)) and one of this is the Molave Milk Station. Their homemade ice cream with goat's milk is so hard to resist we always make it a point to drop by. 

wearing: thrifted kimono cover-up, Levi's denim cut-offs, Metro Gaisano white tank top, J Centre mall accessories, Havaianas flip flops

Friday, August 24, 2012


There came a time in our lives wherein me and my boyfriend went on a beach trip like every month. He was in the call center industry then but we  managed to squeeze in beach outings into his erratic schedule. He is his own boss now but somehow we always get buried in neck-deep work that even a simple movie date is impossible at times. But my constant prodding paid off during the long weekend coz he finally agreed to take two days off to take me to my happy place.
Long holidays would always equate to crowded beaches (which I really hate)but I couldn't complain. Because it's enough I think that I get to feel the sand on my toes again, stare and daydream into the unobstructed horizon  and be devoid of all the stresses and pressures of work even for a mere two days. 

Can somebody inject reason into other people's minds so they'll realize bikinis are beach-appropriate. No need to stare please.  

I was aiming for the paparazzi shot but it turned out I looked more like a Seiko 90's sexy star. hahaha Think Gretchen Barretto during her wet look days. Sobrang ambisyosa lang ba? Cge na nga Priscilla Almeda nalang (aka Abby Viduya). hahaha

During my Multiply days, my albums were plagued with pictures of me and the boyfriend taken at an arms length. I also went through a phase of posting vanity shots of just me, myself, and I (the album being titled that way too. haha I know guilty din kayo dyan.) I seldom have those shots anymore because a DSLR  is just too heavy lug around. I kinda missed it so I borrowed my sister's trusty point and shoot so that me and the boyf could have those mushy photos again. haha

wearing: Joe Boxer cropped top, denim cut-offs, Op polka dot bikini

Monday, August 20, 2012


Currently on vacation mode because of the long weekend holiday. We drove down south for a beach trip; something we haven't done in a long time. :)

To keep up with the cherry mood, I made it a point to pack in all the colors for this outfit. Because color correlates to fun and happiness. :)

Remember Touch the color game in grade school?  It was my inspiration for this outfit. haha

Did my nails the night before our trip. I was scouring for a colorful nail polish and decided to try this one. When I woke up the next day, my sister was sporting the same nail color. Yes, both  mani and pedi. hahaha Twins ang peg.

Decided to go for neutral shoes, bag, and straw hat to balance out the blinding color. 

Thrifted bag. Such a classic. :)

I have to hold my breath here coz my top is so body hugging it's outright unforgiving! haha 

More of my beach weekend trip on my next post! 

P.S. I've decided to increase the size of my photos for clearer details. And because I'm just so vain. Duh! haha

I hope you guys liked them. :)


Hawaiian-print blouse - thrifted 
Orange halter top - Online buy
Denim shorts - Levi's cut-offs
Camel sandals - Primadonna

Saturday, August 18, 2012


These were outtakes from our fun shoot with friends. I modeled (yikes, so dyahe the word haha ) for my friend Sigh's Chic Vintage online shop. I also got the new cam the day prior so I had the chance to snap these. 

 Truth be told, there are only two people in the world I am comfortable posing in front of. That would be my boyfriend and my mom. I get really shy in front of the camera let alone be in front of an audience. My knees would wobble and my expression appears constipated. haha That is why I'd rather have my outfit photos taken in the house than in front of the prying eyes of the public. My boyfriend knows that I hate being photographed in the malls or anywhere crowded so when I do want to have my photos taken in those places, my boyfriend automatically knows he would shoot me in paparazzi style. No pose; just the walking and looking down as if I am unaware I was being photographed. haha


Thursday, August 16, 2012



After two weeks  being devoid of a camera, finally gotten around to buying a new one. I woke up the next day itching to test drive the new purchase. So I snapped every random thing I chanced upon in the house and that includes: 

 - some two of the many stray cats that have boarded our house since God knows when. My mom is anything but irate coz we have zero r-a-t in the house. 

 - my Mom's mini garden. She is passionate about her orchids and like most Moms believe that placing eggshells on orchids help them bloom more flowers. haha

 - my dog, Kaboom, who kept wagging his tail and couldn't keep still while I struggled with the camera's manual focus. But still, I love him, even if he gave me a hard time. 

 - sun flares! Dreamy, dreamy sun flares. Need I say more.

 - And lastly, my personal photographer, my dearest Mom who just woke up and still groggy. She asked me what happened to the old cam she used to shoot me with. Told her I sold it and got a new one.She frowned because she's learned to master my previous camera's buttons and settings and she is not so keen on starting from scratch again. So it dawned on me how am I gonna teach her a camera with a manual focus lens (yes, no autofocus). That would be too hard. hahaha But she is a fast learner so I know she will get accustomed to it in time. I love my Mom :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



I am not a make-up person. I can get by each day with merely a lip balm and a face powder. Early this year I bought a huge set of make-up for me to practice on. But it still sat there in my room seldom touched. I want to learn but I am too lazy to watch youtube tutorials or read tips from magazines (beauty isn't my fave section).  I envy those who have patience to sit steadily in front of the mirror and spend thirty minutes or more to prep up.  I think I also have to master the courage to spend PhP 1000++ for a lipstick. Everytime I see a price tag that costs that much it would always translate to a brand new pair of shoes  that costs the same. Or the quantity of vintage clothes I could buy with that amount. So it all boils down to priorities and make-up is always on the tail end. 
Part of my ultimate make-up goal is to learn how to do the smokey eyes, draw the most perfect of eyebrows, put on false eyelashes in a jiffy, and go to Rustan's, take a deep breath and buy that ridiculously beautiful pink MAC Lipstick I have been eyeing for quite some time now. 

Photo: Dred Reveries (taken by Emely :)) 
Styling: Sigh (Chic Vintage)
Make-up: my friend Dani Alcedera 
Hair: Celeste Pineda