Saturday, August 18, 2012


These were outtakes from our fun shoot with friends. I modeled (yikes, so dyahe the word haha ) for my friend Sigh's Chic Vintage online shop. I also got the new cam the day prior so I had the chance to snap these. 

 Truth be told, there are only two people in the world I am comfortable posing in front of. That would be my boyfriend and my mom. I get really shy in front of the camera let alone be in front of an audience. My knees would wobble and my expression appears constipated. haha That is why I'd rather have my outfit photos taken in the house than in front of the prying eyes of the public. My boyfriend knows that I hate being photographed in the malls or anywhere crowded so when I do want to have my photos taken in those places, my boyfriend automatically knows he would shoot me in paparazzi style. No pose; just the walking and looking down as if I am unaware I was being photographed. haha



Chyrel Gomez said...

Dred, ang shorts, please. Haha!

I agree with you. I am soo shy too when my photos are taken! XD

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

OMG imong shoes Dred! i think i'll never be comfortable when my photos are taken by other people aside from the husband and my sister. HAHA!

toni perfumed red shoes

Crystal Lips said...

Que fotos mas artisticas :)
Te sigo!
te dejo x aqui mi blog, todavia estoy empezando, espero q te guste :)

Cham Orat said...

shoes!!! bonggang bongga! ^_^

Zaira Eguia said...