Saturday, August 25, 2012


Looking at these photos from our short Moalboal trip makes me wish every week is a long weekend. August is blessed with four holidays all of which were luckily added to three of the four weekends. I guess I was just spoiled a  bit. Now it makes me sad that this weekend will be the last of that holiday. I will miss  this luxury of chill out time. :(

This was what I wore en route to Moalboal. Comfort and functionality should always be one's utmost priority when traveling. And with the surge of hot weather in Cebu, denim cut-offs is the way to go.  

Biggest bang for my buck: Kimono cover-up which I thrifted in Carbon a few months back.

Cute and fun accessories to keep up with the colorful and laidback vibe of the outfit. 

I used to have skinny legs back in college and wearing shorts was my biggest fashion frustration. Chicken legs leave an awkward gap in between legs and I hated that. So when I started to develop "healthy ones", I remember this is the first pair of shorts I used and abused. And yey they still fit me up to now although they're a little tight already on the midsection part. Someone needs to burn those excess calories asap. haha

I think Moalboal is the most accessible white sand beach outside of Metro Cebu. So it's our go-to place whenever we want a taste of the sand and sea. There are also a lot of interesting pit stops along the way (another reason why we love going back to this place :)) and one of this is the Molave Milk Station. Their homemade ice cream with goat's milk is so hard to resist we always make it a point to drop by. 

wearing: thrifted kimono cover-up, Levi's denim cut-offs, Metro Gaisano white tank top, J Centre mall accessories, Havaianas flip flops


Chyrel Gomez said...


My boylet brought me to Carbon one time and I went gaga with the denim shorts. It's like less than a hundred and I miss Moalboal while looking at your photos. It's actually my Lola's hometown and we used to go there once a week but since things got busy, so seldom na.

Looking at your blog photos makes me want to invest with a 50mm lens. Di na gyud ni mada. Haha!

Happy Weekend!

annchica said...

Lovely outfit dear!

Follow each other?

Kisses ♥

MarieStella said...

great bag and shoes!! beautiful kimono!! love the colors!!