Wednesday, August 15, 2012



I am not a make-up person. I can get by each day with merely a lip balm and a face powder. Early this year I bought a huge set of make-up for me to practice on. But it still sat there in my room seldom touched. I want to learn but I am too lazy to watch youtube tutorials or read tips from magazines (beauty isn't my fave section).  I envy those who have patience to sit steadily in front of the mirror and spend thirty minutes or more to prep up.  I think I also have to master the courage to spend PhP 1000++ for a lipstick. Everytime I see a price tag that costs that much it would always translate to a brand new pair of shoes  that costs the same. Or the quantity of vintage clothes I could buy with that amount. So it all boils down to priorities and make-up is always on the tail end. 
Part of my ultimate make-up goal is to learn how to do the smokey eyes, draw the most perfect of eyebrows, put on false eyelashes in a jiffy, and go to Rustan's, take a deep breath and buy that ridiculously beautiful pink MAC Lipstick I have been eyeing for quite some time now. 

Photo: Dred Reveries (taken by Emely :)) 
Styling: Sigh (Chic Vintage)
Make-up: my friend Dani Alcedera 
Hair: Celeste Pineda


aiz kim said...

these photos remind me so much of the movie memoirs of pretty! make up is also almost always at the bottom of my list. I usually get by with just a BB cream and a good lipstick.

Chyrel Gomez said...


Same here! I am not a make-up person myself but I just recently bought myself a red lipstick which is my new drug of choice. Haha! Di man gyud ko kamao mo apply oi pero I'm starting to learn. Char.

Gwapa kaayo ka, Dred. =)

Roxanne said...

wow! you look so pretty with that make up, you look so polished and fresh. kahit ako I watch tutorials sa YouTube but then ang hirap maexecute ng tama haha

Dani said...

Thanks Dred! Loovve it!


These pictures are really pretty - I love the styling :)
Do you have some more from that photo shoot?

Warm hugs,

PS. I'll be glad if you come to see my new outfit <3 There's also a giveaway on my blog :)