Friday, August 24, 2012


There came a time in our lives wherein me and my boyfriend went on a beach trip like every month. He was in the call center industry then but we  managed to squeeze in beach outings into his erratic schedule. He is his own boss now but somehow we always get buried in neck-deep work that even a simple movie date is impossible at times. But my constant prodding paid off during the long weekend coz he finally agreed to take two days off to take me to my happy place.
Long holidays would always equate to crowded beaches (which I really hate)but I couldn't complain. Because it's enough I think that I get to feel the sand on my toes again, stare and daydream into the unobstructed horizon  and be devoid of all the stresses and pressures of work even for a mere two days. 

Can somebody inject reason into other people's minds so they'll realize bikinis are beach-appropriate. No need to stare please.  

I was aiming for the paparazzi shot but it turned out I looked more like a Seiko 90's sexy star. hahaha Think Gretchen Barretto during her wet look days. Sobrang ambisyosa lang ba? Cge na nga Priscilla Almeda nalang (aka Abby Viduya). hahaha

During my Multiply days, my albums were plagued with pictures of me and the boyfriend taken at an arms length. I also went through a phase of posting vanity shots of just me, myself, and I (the album being titled that way too. haha I know guilty din kayo dyan.) I seldom have those shots anymore because a DSLR  is just too heavy lug around. I kinda missed it so I borrowed my sister's trusty point and shoot so that me and the boyf could have those mushy photos again. haha

wearing: Joe Boxer cropped top, denim cut-offs, Op polka dot bikini


Roxanne Limpante said...

the Abby Viduya caption made me laugh, anyway you look sexy and chic dred :)

Chyrel Gomez said...


makahilak kos kanindot sa imong photos. I miss traveling na. The partner and I don't have the same sked and di na gyud mi mag abot. Huhu.

Nakatawa man ko's bomba star reference oi. Haha! Hot man gud ka, Dred. Mao na you get stared at. Ako sad nya, I'll post 90's bomba star photos, soon. Haha!

vanessa east said...

ah diay? sige sige. huwat lang makaligo kog dagat. kay mag rosanna roces ko. chos.tara chy! hahahaha misss yew, dred!

borka gamero said...

Lovely beach style :)
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