Thursday, December 23, 2010

To the maximum


It's two days more to go before Christmas! I'm so into the Christmas spirit right now.

But I did not only caught the holiday bug, I also caught the much dreaded flu bug! Yeah two days before the merrymaking. Arrggghh, I so hate it! After a round of Christmas parties here and there plus weddings and engagement shoots just one week apart, my body finally caught up with me and reminded me I'm no superwoman.It's a great spoiler but I'm not letting this drippy nose and swelling and puffy eyes to dampen my holiday spirit.So I'm overdosing on Vitamin C right now praying to the heavens that this will all go away before Christmas eve. 

Stay healthy you guys and Merry Christmas to you on your part of the world! :)


Cream top - thrifted 
Maxi skirt - thrifted
Brown leather belt - Louis Vuitton (thrifted)
Booties - People r People
Bangles - Bazaar find


FashionHippieLoves said...

gorgeous pics!


Phuong said...

nice pictures and look! Happy holidays!

ching said...

i hope you get well asap. :D
and the last photo is VAVAVOOM!

Kassie said...

The outfit is adorable. I love the mix of lighter colors, its making me wish for warmer weather. I hope you feel better for the holidays!


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hala sorry to hear you're sick. hope you're okay na.

the last photo is just amazing!!!! whoot whoot! <3

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Chiqui Francisco said...

love the last photo dred.. Fabulous.

Ladawan said...

wow! great pictures dear, i'm an old follower and getting great ideas from you, happy new year!

Anonymous said...

just hav to get it off my chest that "i DID not only CAUGHT.." was a horrible line, if you'd consider grammar rules.u might want to type "i did not only CATCH.." instead. just sayin.

ur fab though. :)