Monday, June 13, 2011

Love the Now

I made the biggest decision last week. I can't say it's the best I have made so far but when I typed the word "resignation" in my letter, I sure felt an overwhelming happiness. Last time I was this happy was when the boyfriend proposed to me a year ago. I never thought I could do it because my work has been such a comfort zone for six long years. 
But when it's not such a "comfort" anymore, i don't think there's a reason to stay any longer.I don't know what will happen next. I'm actually tired of worrying about the unknown and the future. 
I just wanna seize the moment and LOVE the NOW. 

Happy Belated Independence Day!

The perfect pick-me-upper and feel good song. I love you Katy Perry. :)



Gracie said...

oh yay, congratulations! so well writtten and a great photo to accompany! I definitely know the feeling!

Eden said...

dred, hats off to you! this post was really touching in a lot of ways. i'm totally the kind of person who really loves the now. i believe in carpe diem--like if you can enjoy life now, why not? its a matter of choice. sometimes its hard to leave our comfort zones but the moment we do, other rewarding things can actually follow. i wish you all the best!

oh and where are you off to next work wise?

uhmazing photo btw


Trixie said...

Oh wow, 6 years? That's a long time! I'm glad you took the plunge! The best things always carry the biggest risk ;) Good for you! Good luck for the future :)

P.S. the photo with you throwing up the flowers is so cute.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

congrats dred!
i guess we're all at a stage where we just want to stop worrying and just seize the moment. <3

love love love the photo accompanying your "freedom" post.

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Christine said...

i went thru the same thing when I resigned from my job also, but there are always bigger things in the world, but wow 6 years! :O

Roxanne said...

love this post miss dred, love the possitivity and goodluck to you. I think you'll do great in anything, as long as your happy :)

Melissa said...

fabulous photo, and i love katy perry too! shes awesome!

Kookie B. said...

Oh Dred, I've been feeling the same way. Thanks to this post, now I'm more charged to push through with my plan to resign. Good luck to us!