Sunday, March 17, 2013


These photos were taken last February, not the official start of summer yet, but the heat and the blue skies signaled that my favorite time of the year has come earlier. 
We were scouting for locations in Cebu South for an editorial shoot we will be doing this month for a top wedding blog. Will post photos of the official shoot once the feature is up on their website. It will showcase collaborative work of my husband photographer, Marlon Capuyan, stylist Cuckoo Cloud Concepts ( headed by Ms. Vanilla Ice Cream herself, Gizelle), and some of the best talents from the Cebu wedding scene. So please do watch out for that. :)

I know I'm not big on blogging about my personal life although sometimes I tackle about personal stuff but only on the surface. Not really the type that digs deep on the matter. I only write longer entires when I'm frustrated or angry about something but you may have noticed they do not see the light of internet day because I delete them once I'm done writing them. 

But this, I am comfortable to share. It would be a shame if I didn't. Because sooner or later, you will  see more of me in a much fuller figure. Yes, I am currently expecting our first baby. And you bet I am gonna rock this moment in my life every single day that I can. So expect pregnancy posts (still fashion posts, of course) on the days to come. I hope I will not bore you. haha 

P.S. I am eight weeks along in the photos. :)


Floral top - thrifted 
Denim shorts - Levi's cut-offs
White paisley over-up - thrifted 
Camel bag - thrifted 
Hat - SM 
Accessories - various downtown finds
Chevron-print highwaist swimsuit 
- from Toni Pino-Oca of Perfumed Red Shoes 


anythingariel said...

congrats dred!! :)

btw i soo love your swimsuit here :)

Roxanne said...

You and Gizelle look really cute!
missed reading your blog :D

Bea Mauban said...

love the boho thing going on.

Jeje said...

Hi Dred!

I love the vibe of your photos and outfit.

Best wishes to your upcoming little family :)

Anyway, I'm reviving my blog. Please don't forget to check it.


Anonymous said...

love all your pictures! lets all go to beach sooooon! <3
angayan kaau sa swimsuit, dred!

toni perfumed red shoes

Anonymous said...

Since your hubby is a good photo editor ryt?.. please edit that thing on your nose.. Its kinda off.. nice pa naman mga outfits mo.. sori but i have to say the truth.. a friendly advise :)