Sunday, April 21, 2013


What is it about getting older that most people dislike. Is it about getting fine lines and wrinkles or getting those inevitable flabs? I don't know with you guys but none of that bothers me at all (well at least not in a serious level anyway). The one thing about getting old that's making me antsy is the fact that my parents get older too and you know when people get old, we get plagued with health concerns. And that's one thing that scares me the most. 
So on my 31st birthday (yes I am 31 and I am not one bit shy to admit it), my only wish is just good health and long life to my parents and for the rest of my family especially to the little bundle of joy my husband and I are expecting.

Happy 31st to me!!! :)


Tropical-print polo - thrifted 
Denim shorts - thrifted 
High-waist swimsuit - bought online
Heart-shaped sunnies - bought online 
Turquoise necklace - Gorgeous
Flipflops - Roxy (gifted by a client) 

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Life's a shoe said...

nice photos! I need to get to the beach soon!