Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mini Polka


The boss treated us to a sumptuous buffet lunch at Pino, a restaurant that caters all Filipino dishes. I had too much of my all-time favorites baked oyster and fish kinilaw (raw fish cooked only in vinegar and spices) that even walking to the car took a lot of effort. lol

Anyways, I felt sorry for one of the waitress who accidentally spilled water on me coz she was really afraid that I'd go ballistic on her. People who don't me really think I am a snob and cold-hearted person judging from the sourpuss expression I always have on my face. But that's just really my natural facial expression, I don't mean to be mean-looking. So she was really apologetic I smiled and convinced her that it was okey, no harm done. She was so sincere that i really felt bad for her.

As for the outfit, I was feeling vintagey so i opted to wear this polka dress i thrifted a while back.

About the outfit:

Polka dress - thrifted (for PhP 10 = less than a dollar!)
Leggings = APM mall
Peach bag - from Gaisano Countrymall
Beige gladiator shoes - random buy


Chanel Craves said...

Great outfit. I love polka dots : )

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

aw! your outfit is adorable!

<3chelsea elizabeth

Megan said...

That dress is really cute! Cheap thrills are the best!

Margaret said...

aaaah your bag and shoes! i want :)

mel said...

loks like fun! you look absolutely amazing i love your outfit!

Toni said...

i love polka dots! lovely outfit! :)
and pink lipstick looks really good on you!


michelle_ said...

lovely vintagy outfit !

thanks alot of for stopping by at my blog :)

dotie said...

your polka dress is so mod it!

eclectic du jour

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

the polka dress is like wednesday adams with a twist...LOVE IT! i guess i always have a weakness for polka..hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥