Monday, May 3, 2010

Heat Wave


Hey guys, guess who's back?

Yeah I know i have been delinquent on my blogger duties the past weeks but for starters, I have been really busy having assisted the boyfriend on client's weddings two straight weeks in a row. So when the boyfriend is busy that would only mean he will have a million more reasons not to be able to shoot some photos of me. Major boost for the business but a great bummer for my blog. LOL

So anyways the great heat wave is just killing me coz even if I'm wearing the littlest of clothes I still sweat like a pig! Eeeeeew! I don't usually drink lots of water but now my throat is always dry I am craving for water (cold water = i love!) most of the time.

I love summer but honestly I'm secretly wishing it's June already so I can already get rid of this sweat-inducing weather.

Okey, so on to the outfit...

It's funny how some people stared at me when I wore this oversized shirt. They must have thought I was crazy and obscene for not wearing anything underneath. Excuse me, in this kind of weather, I think we Filipinos are entitled to wear comfortable clothes that don't stick to our sweaty knees and skin. My remedy for their stares? I intentionally hiked up my shirt to expose my shorts. See people, i am wearing one! Surprise!!!

Enough of that conservative thing already. As long as you don't expose your privies, it's okey.

The outfit:

Oversized top - thrifted
Shorts - Levi's
Belt - borrowed from dad
Scarf - from SM
Aviators - Chris & Berns (Maze, Ayala)

P.S. Here's one of our client's engagement presentation. Such a very kind, sweet, and uber gorgeous couple. Very fun and light to work with. Check it out!

Paolo & katrina prenup presentation from moymyx on Vimeo.


Kasia_B said...

you look awesome!


Phuong said...

beautiful pictures and cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

the heat is just unbearable! i can almost feel it drying my brains out! i cant wait for June either.. D:

lovely pictures as always! and your top is just gorgeous :)


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

oh wow, the shirt is crazy! it's too cool to be true! and yes, it's getting too hot here...i was in a bikini all weekend but i was still sweating..i think my scalp got sunburnt too...LOL.

your bf's work is amazing..seriously considering him to do my wedding photos..*wink*

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Chanel Craves said...

Super cute outfit. Love the prints of the shirt and scarf.

Come visit my blog.


inked said...


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

third pic is so nice...
love it..

Enchanted Gardens said...

Oh gosh, these photos are unbelievably amazing! The colors of your dress and the flowers...pretty! Beautiful scarf!