Monday, June 14, 2010

Vertical Stripes


Just one of those regular Sundays. Lounging in the mall, have dinner, grab some coffee, then go home, put on the pajamas, go to sleep but then not able to sleep because of the caffeine, read some book, then doze off and dream that tomorrow will be still be Sunday.

My Sundays might be often boring but I like it that way; relaxed and laid back.

What are your Sundays like? :)

wearing white shirt-SM, striped skirt-thrifted, gladiator platforms-people are people, chain necklace-DIY, studded bag and cuff-from Bangkok


Lee said...

I like Saturdays better, knowing that it's still weekend when I wake up the day after haha. But yeah, I love how Sundays are relaxed and stress-free. No terrible traffic. It's easier to get restaurant and cinema seats.

Lovin' the outfit! And your shoes! I also like how the pink lipstick nicely contrasted with the badd-ass outfit <3

Lee []

Phuong said...

you look good in that skirt, love it

pinky said...

I like laid-back Sundays too!

I love this, dear! I like the skirt! And I like that lipstick on you! :))

Gela said...

for me, lazy Sundays are always great to spend time w/ the family. especially, since i'm almost always out of the house during the week.

love your vertical striped skirt, btw!


boat ride through the sky

Lauraloves. said...

love this outfit, I'm addicted to stripes at the moment :)

I LOVE lazy sundays :)


Violet said...

you look great! love the vertical stripes

Vi from Cali

cherie said...

i love the vertical stripe skirt :) I also love lazy sundays, it feels like you could get away just being in the house all day

Melai said...

My sundays are always busy because it's the time to go grocery shopping, clean the previous week's clutter and meet people I haven't seen for a while, go to church etc. But I love it that way :)

This style looks clean and simple but really cute. I've always like your style. How you at times burst in colors and at one time, keep everything so simple and stunning.


Style and Soul

stylista said...

I love the skirt and your bag!! So chic!

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Jony said...

Beautiful outfit and love the pink lipstick!!!

Megan said...

I just got a body suit like your skirt, so cool!

Martwa Marta said...

i am enjoying my lazy weeks at the moment, heh. the outfit is pefect - simple, but chic! and i adore your sandals!

givemefashionnow said...

love your outfit!
i followed your blog! follow mine back please?