Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lazy Girl


This is just one of those days when I'm too lazy to dress up. I, more often than not, go the leggings and oversized shirt route. This Tsumori Chisato shirt  is roomy and big enough to be a dress and it's very light too. Plus it doesn't hurt that i got it only for PhP10 which is way cheaper than a regular burger meal.
Chicken, pasta, and pizza meals are the go-to food for lazy days too. They'd make a fast and convenient take out or delivery food when i don't feel like lounging in the mall and just wants to stay at the boyfriend's house for some online movie streaming.


Grey shirt - thrifted Tsumori Chisato 
Leggings - SM
Bag - MCM thrifted


aiz kim said...

love your neckpiece! i love roomy tops too these days. Not only do they make for comfortable movement, they also wittingly hide my

Alodia Bethel said...

You thrifted a Tsumori Chisato! Luckyyyyyyyyyyy!

Nina said...

love this! your necklace is amazing!

Violet said...

i really like the top... that fact that is so big makes me like it even more

Vi from Cali

Abbie♥ said...

You still look gorgeous on your lazy-outfit day.:) Love the top so much!♥

Kookie B. said...

Diggin the relaxed vibe of this outfit

Sara Louise said...

what an amazing bag - love the little detailing on it
and i never would buy white shoes but these are seriously cool!

p.s your photos are making me so so hungry !