Friday, November 25, 2011

Horizontal and Vertical Lines


Survived a health scare this week. I think stress was a big factor. It has been one hell of a busy week and my body sort of warned me to slow down and relax. But how can I relax when next week and the whole month of December and January is already planned out. But all these work are blessings from the heavens so I will just have to embrace everything and maybe listened to the doctor's advice to drink a lot of water and avoid salty food. Eeeek! The first one I can probably do but the second one? I don't know I think I'm not yet ready to give up on junk food. So help me God.

P.S. It may have looked like I was relaxing at the beautiful  Shangri-la but I was actually working on a shoot here. This even conflicted with the bloggers photoshoot for a newspaper feature in which i was supposedly part of :( But hey there's always next time.

Violet electric pleat skirt -  thrifted
Stripe shirt - thrifted Giordano
Gold sandals - SM
Camel bag - thrifted


mestizay said...

I just love looking at your photos!:)
I hope to see you soon.

Chyrel Gomez said...

I love your photos gyud oi and lovely skirt! Get well soon and I know that feeling. Things are happening so fast in this time of the year. Another year is ending and so much to do, so little time.

Gela said...

i hope you're feeling better, Dred! take care of yourself!

see you at BU2! :D

boat ride through the sky

crayola actually said...

Love your style, that skirt is amazing. I'm glad you're okay, stay well!




I hope you feel better by now! :) time flies so fast..

ps: love love your photos!!!

pps: I love your outfits too! pretty blog.


mathea said...

nice skirt, never have my luck yet to find one in thrifting. sniff sniff. pretty you.

sittie rainie limba said...

OMG! i love the photography.. =D I have my own DSLR but sadly I dont have an idea how to use the manual mode.. any tips? HELP! do you have a twitter account??

BTW am a new follower here.. I love all pinay fashion bloggers and you're one of them =D If you have time I wish you can drop by my blog =D