Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I love to read. So much so that I read everything from shampoo labels to food nutrition facts when grocery shopping. Also all sorts of newspapers from English to the dialect tabloid ones. When i was maybe ten or eleven years old, I was addicted to this science book i found at my grandma's house. It tackled astronomy, physics, and meteorology. I read it from cover to cover that it helped me win the best in science award during a grade school competition. 
During high school, I got addicted to Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High / University, Archie, and Love Stories. And it may come as a surprise but I loved Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo too. I was also fascinated with books about World History and Chemistry more than I loved PE and recess. haha Yes I was a dork before up until now. haha And i'm not ashamed of it.
Although I'm now too busy to read coz of my toxic schedule, my heart still flutters every time I see a gazillion of books. So you can just imagine how wide eyed and giddy I was when I set foot in La Belle Aurore and saw the floor to ceiling shelves full of books. I totally forgot  that I was there for an engagement shoot. My eyes automatically got busy scanning the shelves for titles so much so that the boyfriend had to call my attention several times to remind me that we were there for business. hahaha 
The place is tiny but it exudes a homey and vintage feel. Small it may be but it carried a wide range of books. Some of the titles I stumbled upon were books that were made into a movie like Johnny Cash's autobiography, Seabiscuit, The Good German and a whole lot more. Bought one that intrigued me the most; the Time Traveler's Wife. Because La Belle is a second-hand bookstore, I scored the item for just a little over a hundred bucks. So imagine how many books I could have bought with a thousand peso.
They are opening a coffee shop soon adjacent to the book store  and I think I just might have found the perfect place to enjoy my quiet time in the coming days. I will definitely be back and this time I will have all the hours to scan the shelves from end to end, top to bottom. 

Welcome to my new niche. :)

La Belle Aurore is located at Hernan Cortes St.,Banilad, Mandaue City.

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Mod shift dress - thrifted 
Leggings - bazaar find
Mustard brogues - thrifted 
Boater hat - SM 


Chyrel Gomez said...

Dred, I love this place so much! Kung pwede pa lang ingon ani ang akoang room bah and have my own library! My boyfriend took me here one day and I swear to go back!! zerothreetwo did a feature about them and you've picked a good book! I used to think I was Claire Abshire but it's just a fantasy as the Billy Joel ditty goes.

I prefer the smell of old books over e-books. I'm so old school. Haha!

Lovely outfit and photos! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your dress, dred! the books, second love lang. haha! pero seriously, this is the third time i read about this book haven and im now itching to pay them a visit!

toni perfumed red shoes

dred said...

@Chyrel: Yes, why do old books smell so good? hehe I'd prefer La Belle over commercialized book shops. The place is just so cozy. Love love love jud.

EverythingPrettyGirls said...

I work for a large publishing house and i still get giddy looking around at stacks and stacks of books! I never know what to read next... i love the feeling!

xo everything-pretty.com

roanjean said...

First time to read about this bookstore and I'd love to pay a visit. Pero layo man from where I'm from uy haha! Double or triple ride tingali... or one ride if magcab hehe.

The Explosive Orange

Angeli G. said...

Ohh! BOOOKS!! Love books! :))
Pero I don't have the luxury to read lately. Even reading a page makes my eyes drop. Haha! :))
I want to visit this place, dear! What's the exact location gwaps? :))

mathea said...

parang nalunod ako sa mga libro hahah...i adore people who are book lovers. my dad's like you, even magic trick books di nya pinatawad di ko lang namana heheh lovely pictures dear.