Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's been a whole lot like hell at work this week. Experienced all kinds of trouble for a project and I dreaded coming to the office each morning knowing what I have to solve and deal with. It even bothers me in my sleep and keeps me awake at night. How I wish we have this button in our body where we can switch to "home" mode  and temporarily erase the happenings at work when we leave the confines of our office. I've always been a worry-freak and I have yet to learn how not to bring the stresses of work at home. I hope next week will be much more forgiving. 

Decided to post these photos from our shoot with officemates a couple of weeks ago. These truly reflect my mood.

Dress with fur detail: Chic Vintage, Shoes: Gold Dot 

Gold Dot lent us these sky-high babies! I especially love the semi-heelless shoes. :) The gorgeous baubles were from Sugar Kissed :)

Hope you guys will have a wonderful weekend! As for me, I will try to just induce positive vibes into my 2 days off. 


Ericka Garcia said...

Love the dress! <3

Ericka of

Laura said...

Wow awesome shoes!

Cielo said...

Very chic! I love the furry detail of the dress! :))

Chyrel Gomez said...

Same here, Dred. I was about to hit panic button and I don't want to be all stressed out gyud with work.

LOVE your make-up and nindota man diay sa shoes sa gold dot oi.