Sunday, September 9, 2012


When Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream booked us for their upcoming wedding, Moy and I got really excited because we know they are up for anything. And I know whatever theme they aim for, it's something quirky and out of the ordinary. 

We are most of the time oozing with out of the box ideas for engagement sessions but of course an idea will always remain an idea unless a couple is willing to do it. The couple's personality is our topmost priority in conceptualizing engagement sessions. Because these photos are for keeps till they grow old, we want the shots to be a reflection of who they really are. You can't inject grunge rock theme to a book lover couple or shoot high fashion/magazine themed to a laid back beachbum couple. Sometimes, both are opposites so our solution to that problem is to do two separate shoots wherein each is reflective of the individual's personality.

But as for Gizelle and Harry, they knew exactly what they want so our work is as easy as pie. We've always wanted a grassy open field shoot with a couch and a mirror as props but we just haven't came across a couple who's willing to do it. So imagine our excitement when Gizelle had this idea for their engagement, we were over the moon. :) The only glitch was to find the perfect location with the most gorgeous available light.  After half a day of scouring the mountains, we found this gorgeous spot with a light that is oh so heavenly.

These are just behind the scenes shots. The boyfriend will be uploading the official photos very soon.

Hope you guys liked it. :)

P.S. The uber talented Phil Lapinid shot the Save the date Video so the whole session was like a blogger collaboration thing. Fun times. :)

Photos: Dred Reveries {Shot for Marlon Capuyan}


Ebony Bolt said...

beautiful photos !

Chyrel Gomez said...

Very impressive, Dred!

I am really so stoked for the final photos! Ang akoang feeling kay kana btaw maghuwat ka sa designer collection like Lanvin for H&M although that's last season kay ADR for H&M naman karon. Haha!

Congrats to a job well done!

lyka raagas said...

teaser pa lang.. love love love!! waaahh can't wait sa official photos. pero di ko kahuwat mopaso na si ipay. haha weeee!!