Sunday, August 23, 2009

born in the 80's





{wearing vintage grey dress, black gladiator shoes}

I'm leaving for Manila today. Hope the plane ride won't be as bumpy and turbulent like the last time. Flying alone with no one to talk to makes me focus on the vibrations. I can't count how many Our Fathers and Hail Mary's I've prayed during those times to keep my mind off from thinking of the worst (like the plane's gonna fall apart and God knows what). I'm such a worry-freak (read: praning!) haha

Please Lord bless us with a good weather!

As for the outfit, I'm loving the tutu-ish bottom detail of the dress. So 80's! Since my dad is away, I hiked up the dress a little bit. Eeeck. haha If he sees me in that I'm sure he'll sermon me about showing a "little" skin...To him a "little" means "too much". But I love it when he's being conservative like that. :)

The shoes are actually my current fave (obvious much?) the boyfriend is sick of me wearing them. So i tweaked it a bit and wore black socks to fake them into a pair of booties. The socks are actually my dad's. haha

I'll be back for regular programming after two days. :)


Jowy said...


One Love,

beckyxoxo said...

i have that skirt ! haha . and great shoes you got :)

LACY said...

you have awesome pictures and you are so beautiful :)

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hey guys! thanks for dropping by.:) mwah! xx