Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cold Shoulders


This padded and glittery beauty which I purchased at my favorite thrift shop for a mere PhP 50 ($1)with a price tag still on is one of the reasons why I love thrifting so much! It's the thrill of scanning through hangers-full of clothes and seeing wonders like this that makes it more rewarding. And the greatest bonus of all is that you get to own a piece which doesn't make you look like everybody else and paying only as much as a pack of french fries.
People who don't know me well thinks I'm high maintenance due to the way I dress, that someone like me who loves fashion so much is a big spender. Oh well, if they only knew. LOL
I truly love buying unique prints even if it's way too big or small for me. When I get home, I just beg my mom to reconstruct it to fit me. Or if she's too busy to do it,well I dig up some of my stock knowledge on sewing from my home economics class back in the day and alter it myself even if that means getting pricked by the needle a gazillion times. See? Fashion brings out the ingenuity in people. LOL

wearing a $1 thrifted glittery blouse, Levi's acid-washed shorts, boutique booties, studded gold belt


augustalolita said...

oh my a $1!! such an amazing find!! it looks great on you :)

Sissy said...

Really love this look!! I'm also a lot into low chic, u don't have to spend amounts of money to dress really nice. I'm now a follower

JessieADORE said...

Such a great look!

Kookie B. said...

That f*ckintastic blazer is just Php 50???? What a steal! I love it so much!

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P.S. I'm a fellow Chictopian too.


cameraholic said...

i love the vintage blouse. great find

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