Tuesday, July 24, 2012



One of the things I got busy on doing while I was on blog offduty: photoshoots! This one particularly I served as a stand-in during settings adjustment, in other words EXTRA. haha
On other occasions, I was working my ass off chasing brides and sitting and lying on the grass just to get that good shot. So for that, no towering heels. Just the most basic and comfortable outfit and fuss-free face. Bordering haggard actually, especially after a long day under the blazing heat. haha But all of that are nothing compared to the feeling of fulfillment when you've reviewed the photos and they turned out just like what you have imagined them to be.

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Chyrel Gomez said...

Dred, aydol gyud nako imong photos. Ka fasyon sad sa assistant oi. =)

Salvee said...

I love ur photoooosssss!!:)

K. said...

I really like the photos!
Especially the last one!;)

MarieStella said...

beautiful pictures and printed blouse dear!

Gela Abores said...

i've always admired your photos, Dred! i love how you take advantage of natural light! :)

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