Wednesday, September 9, 2009




{Me in front of our old tree. It makes a good background.}

Just yesterday, the old mango tree in our front yard was chain sawed. I grew up seeing that tree everyday, it is in fact way older than me. We used to climb on the low-lying branches when we were little. My dad decided to cut it because it was dying and it had been a nuisance lately with the branches falling off without warning. And we are not talking about twigs here. We're talking about a massive 100-kilo branch landing near our door step. Luckily no one was hurt. I thought they were just going to eradicate the weakened branches near our rooftop and leave the trunk in its current state. But when I went home from work today, everything was just gone. The house just looks different. It's as if we've moved to a new place. :(

I'm gonna miss that tree. Seriously.
Please don't laugh.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear about the tree. I felt the same way about a cactus plant we had in my yard. It grew the prettiest flowers but it started to rot and we hand to cut it down and throw it away :(.

I will say that I love the photos and you look gorgeous. We just have to realize plant life is like human life, eventually, we have to lay to eternal rest.

And just so u know, I am in now way being sarcastic or making fun of the affection you have for the tree. I truly empathize with you.

Sophia said...

:( i know exactly how you feel. my parents had a huge pine in front of the house. recently when i went home to visit, it had been cut down. made me sad. now people are going to laugh at us both!

on a happier note, you look great here. love the bright colours paired with darker accessories.

thanks for stopping by my blog. x.

beckyxoxo said...

oh wow sorry for the tree . and btw , i love your shoes and bag !

toxic disco boy said...

chanel! ilovette! u look gorgeous and that shoes... divine.