Sunday, September 27, 2009

An itch that has finally been scratched

This is a two weeks late post. My computer is busted once again (nothing new there) so posting has been a lot difficult lately.
Even the word difficult is an understatement.

Back to the nitty gritty...okey as i was saying, September 14th marked the day I tasted saltwater once again (three whole months after summer ended) courtesy of the post-nuptial shoot of my bestfriend and her husband.
First off, we visited the historic church of Boljoon and its infamous bell tower which dates back to the 16th century Spanish era Philippines.
Their rellies came along to the shoot for support so it was rather a whole lot of fun.
But my most favorite part goes to the trash the dress session because, yeah, it was shot in one of my favorite places in the world; the beach.
I assisted my bestfriend with her gown because it weighed 2 kilos more when it was wet so I had to help her with it.
You know how I love the ocean so getting wet was no big deal.
I even brought a bathing suit, I'm such a girl scout. tehehe
The couple were such a trooper too they had no qualms in getting their wedding outfits dirty.
Some onlookers were even cheering and sending us catcalls when they saw the couple getting mushy on the beach. LOL
IMO, outdoor shoots are always more exciting and fun than studio projects. tehehe

with the bestfriend's husband's cousins

getting our game on

me trying to channel the come-hither sultry look...but failed miserably. LOL

{wearing roxy mismatched bikini, french connection white top as a cover-up}

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