Sunday, September 6, 2009

Let's take it to the streets.


{wearing Giordano shirt, diy shorts, leopard scarf, brown fedora, vintage guy laroche purse}

My computer bailed out on me again. Grrrr! I can't edit photos because it's now color blind it can't tell the difference between blue and green, violet and red. Such a bummer.
I have been putting up with its crappyness (if there's even a word) like 5 years now I badly need a new one.

On a lighter and happier note, we went to a street shoot today with a very energetic and fashion savvy girl named Kat-Kat. As usual we scoured the busy streets of Cebu and stopped traffic. hahaha
Can't wait to share the pics. The boy is editing them right now and I'll be posting them once they're done. :)

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FashionJazz said...

Looking forward to ur post, hope the pics work out! Jasna xxx