Thursday, August 5, 2010

Neons + Tan + a Classique


Some of my favorite items right now from my thrifting and random shopping excursions:

1. Thrifted tan/camel colored bags - one bag is a Paco Rabanne bought at PhP 80. :)
2. A Lanvin Classique men's shirt - thrifted at PhP50 ($1!!!!)
3. Local brands neon and pastel nail polish
4. Sunnies (can't live the house without one)
5. Brown belts - one is an Anna Sui both thrifted at PhP50
(again. I am so freakin' lucky i know **cue evil laugh**)


Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm so envious! will you take me to a nice thrift shop when I go there on December?:)

Lucky finds, lucky girl!

Jing said...

i love those bagssssss!!!and the belts! =)

Toni said...

lucky finds, babe! love your bags!

Joanna Ladrido said...

i love this! i never know how to take photos of random objects! i need to learn from u! i dont have the "eye" haha


Kookie B. said...

damn! Chic has a mint green polish now??? Crazy!!! how is it? does it chip easily!

anyhoo, love this post! i enjoy looking at your favorite items. and i'm currently eyeing those round tortoise sunnies. hihihi.

cherie said...

lucky, lucky girl! Lanvin! all those sunnies are so cute

Phuong said...

great items!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

can't take my eyes off that bag.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

sooo jealous of your thrifted bags and vintage and boho...

we have the same nail polish colors...totally had on different neon colored nails over the summer.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

kathi eric said...

i'm in love with the thrifted bags and belts too. amazing finds. they're just my type. ima follow you. :)

swing by sometime? kathi folds five