Monday, August 30, 2010

Hong Kong: Day and Night (Part One)


I'm back from my short stint in Hong Kong.
I was anxious to go at first because of that unfortunate incident (if you know what i mean, i'm even upset to mention or write about it till now). I was too scared to set foot in their land  two days after what happened. You just don't know how many Hail Mary's i said while  on the plane praying to God that everything will be okey in there. 
Surprisingly, the immigration officer stamped my passport after like just one minute without any further questions or delay. I was scared of any intimidation or discrimination I might encounter but thank God He didn't let any of that happen.
First day was spent scouring the streets of Hong Kong doing some official work matters. Can't discuss about that here for confidentiality reasons. LOL
And night time was spent rummaging through the night market of Mongkok. I'm not so good at haggling so I was only able to buy little stuff for pasalubong (travel gifts) for my officemates. Bought really nice bangles although the price wasn't that low as oppose to buying in Carbon (Cebu's version of Mongkok and Manila's Divisoria).


Sinequanone lace dress - thrifted for only PhP 50 ($1)
Bag - from Bangkok
Brown lace-up shoe - People r People
Cross / Pearl Necklace - from Carbon 
Brown belt - D&G (from dad)
Black  wayfarer - from Alabang Town Center
Black beanie - from Mongkok


Eden said...

Great photos1Love the dress;)))

cherie said...

i love your photos, i think it captures the spirit of HK :) Lovely black dress too

p.s would u say the mood in HK is generally peaceful? because im also going in two weeks :)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

Dred!!! it's really good to know na you were able to get in and out HK "safely". I want to go there but I'm also scared of the hostility. kaya thanks for this post! btw,loooove your outfit!!!:)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

omg, my eyes almost fell out of its sockets when i saw the title of your post. rumors have been going on about bad treatment to pinoys there that i understand how scared you might have been. so glad you were 'safe' and you still had fun...

hala, when you haggle in mongkok, ask for half the price of the items..and pretend to walk away if they don't give you what you asked..hehe. eventually, they'll give in. LOL.

anyways, love the all lace ensemble!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Kookie B. said...

holy guacamole (okay, i just felt like "saying" this...haha!), i looove your dress and the way you styled it with the beret and cross necklace. and the fact that it's just frigging P50 makes it even sweeter!

it's good to hear that you're back from HK safe and all. I'm hesitant to go there too. I think I'll let this hostage wave pass for a bit.

¶ Michelle said...

stunning photos babe, wow I love the pictures! you look amazing and I'm glad your having a blast! ♥

Simuša said...

u got very nise outfit :)

Carissa said...

wow girl, I'm in love with your dress <3

elle said...

I heard about that unfortunate incident, and I'd be apprehensive too. But thank goodness all went smoothly, and that it looks like you had a fun trip!

Been blog-hopping and glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I'm rather new to the blog-osphere, and it's great to see a handful of stylish Filipina bloggers out there! I'm Philippine-born, but moved to the states; been missing the country ever it's great to see glimpses of the islands through blog like yours :-)

Denise said...

am craving for a good ol' hongkong noodles. eat for me will yah????

michelle_ said...

soooo jealous that you went to hong kong !! i havent been there for too long !

and i cant believe ur dress was php 50 ! its look really nice !

many thanks for the comments as always ..
glistersandblisters dot com