Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yoko hair strikes again


Counting the days before i perm my unruly tresses. I don't care if the boyfriend doesn't approve of it, i'm adamant to trying it. No matter what it takes. 
In that way, I'll have an excuse not to comb my hair. I'm lazy like that. 

thrifted white top, PVC leggings bought online, Follie studded shoes, brown fedora from ISIS, sunnies from Chris & Berns, cross necklace c/o dad, roomie bag from SM


cherie said...

can't wait to see you debut your permed tresses :) and those liquid leggings i so like, perfect with your sandals

xo, cherie
Parade of Dresses

pinky said...

I love your studded sandals! :) Looking great, Dred!

Kookie B. said...

i love the simplicity of this outfit. the studded sandals sure do give some punch to the ensemble. you look lovely dear. :)

emily said...

i love the leggings and the studded sandals!

Anonymous said...

I like this look a lot, b&w, the cross necklace, the studded shoes and the pvc leggings is so rock! and yet you're so chic. Really nice outfit!