Friday, July 30, 2010

Worth more than a gazillion slippers


Who doesn't own a trusty and comfy pair of Havaianas? I do,3 years ago.  Yes, while almost every girl (and guy!) i know was collecting their nth pair, i had none and still stuck to my banana peel slippers. I'm a very practical person and i'm one who doesn't spend PhP 890.00 for a pair of rubber slippers so it took a while before i succumbed to buying one.  I was in Ayala shopping for Christmas gifts when I decided to finally buy myself a pair. And yes while everyone was happy with their high tech gadgets as gifts, i was happy with my PhP 890-havaianas. I take happiness in simple and trivial things in life. 
I wore it through all my beach escapades, trips to the mall, and almost every place I went to (yes, i went through a flip-flops phase and i still do right now, they're super comfy you can't blame me.LOL). I loved it, it was my default footwear. It was always in my bag to save me from the pain brought by high heels. That precious pair served me well for the two years that it lasted. Although the rubber soles were still thick but the thong got cut off. I tried to remedy the problem by putting a small nail and stopper at the back to keep it intact. My sister kept telling me to just let it go and replace it with a new Havs but I just really refused to give it up. I loved that pair so much. The numerous repairs made the slippers useful a few times but it repeatedly fell off and died on me that I decided it was time to just give it a rest. You can call me pathetic for holding on to a pair of slippers but for me it meant saving something I really love.

I am like that. I'm not one who gives up so easily.

So to you my dear boyfie, I'll never get tired of saving you. Remember, you are worth a gazillion Havs and I love you a gazillion times over. 


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i really really like the 2nd pic...
nice and beautifull

DaMnViXeN said...

after i broke the strap on my first pair, i havent bought a 2nd pair yet.. i loved that one i had..

and i agree, there are those worth more than a gazillion havs flipflops ^^

The ViXeN's LaiR

Yasmeen Buttons said...

I don't know feet always feel so vulnerable in flip flops. I only wear them when I really have to. I'd rather be barefoot. At least then you can run without tripping all over yourself.



cherie said...

the sam thing happened to my havaianas, the thong broke and I had it for three years. beautiful pictures as always :)

The F Word Online said...

this is beautifully written

xx lue

tingkagol said...

ninglikoy man ug kalit sa ending. hehehehe