Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flat Out


I'm more drawn to shoes with sky-high heels than flats. I don't know I just feel more comfortable in ankle-breaking shoes. But when I saw this mustard brogues in the thrift shop I did not have second thoughts in buying them. I must have been sold out to its mustard color. And because let's face it no matter how I like to wear heels everyday I can't always wear them during shoots. So i'm sticking to this comfy and stylish pair instead of the usual flat options like flip flops and open-toe sandals to protect my feet from dust and mud especially during outdoor shoots.     

Green top - thrifted 
Denim cut-offs - thrifted and DIY Levi's
Mustard brogues - thrifted 
Bag - Louis Vuitton (from my friend Bienne. :))
Purple beanie - from Baguio travel
Red clubmaster - Petaling St., Kuala Lumpur


Phuong said...

lovely look and photos

Travel in Style

ching said...

sky high heels > flats. haha

Maria Caridad said...

we share the same passion when it comes to thrifted and vintage items. I'd like to know where do you usually shop for your thrifted items.:)