Monday, June 25, 2012

{ S E R E N E }


Finally, I have decided a theme for the upcoming important event in my life. Looking at these pictures taken some months back by the boyfriend, I want this celebration to be exactly like this; calm, laidback, intimate, bohemian, whimsical. Now how i wish the planning is also as serene and relaxed as I was in the photos. 
Oh well, wish me luck! :)

Photos: Marlon Capuyan (

{ Postprocessed by me using film simulation } 


Kristine Villano said...

Love the floral explosion in this look! Especially the head dress.

Kookie B. said...

You're my forest nymph! Love the look, Dred!

Eunica said...

ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED? or am i too assuming? hehe.. love the whole look! serene indeed ;)

Anonymous said...

DRED! i am so excited for you! and Gizelle too! when inyo plan? this year? haha chismosa much! and i totally love the whimsical and bohemian theme! congratulations and good luck!

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