Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Go Now to the Zoo


My best friend in the whole wide world,Eda, celebrated her birthday last 21st of March and her husband who is now based in Singapore decided to surprise her the day before her big day so our annual tradition of her on-the-day celebration was moved to give them some lovey-dovey quality time. tehehe
We met up on the 26th instead and tried out this new seafood restaurant, Oyster Bay. The place has a cozy beach-side ambiance complete with white sand and a lagoon. It is located near the Mandaue-Lapu-lapu bridge so you can really feel the ocean breeze.The food was superb too. A very talented band (forgot their name) played a lot of my favorite reggae songs. We were transported back in time when we were chillaxing in Boracay a year ago. Miss Bora so so much.
I would have wanted to take a lot of photos for you guys but the boyfriend was cranky again.
He had work later that night and he reasoned he had only slept 4 hours earlier that day. So I ended up with only these grainy pics. Major bummer.
I even wore my DIY military jacket I rigorously made the night before so I can finally show off my own labor of love.
He even deprived me of one whole-body outfit. Unbelievable!
Okey enough with the rant.Next post I pinky promise to give you better set of photos. :)

P.S. In case you're wondering about my post title,"Let's go now to the Zoo" was the name of our group in high school.As to why, it's a very long story. hahaha


Denise said...

you girls look so gorgeous.

ayan na miss ko tuloy mga friends ko. I haven't seen them for such a long time. So enjoy your time while you can. One loyal friend is enough say than thousands of your relatives.

And i love your diy jacket!

I am Denise Katipunera

Fashion Chalet said...

Cool blog!

Awesome photos and atmosphere :)


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

haha, it's funny when the boyfriend gets cranky....ako pud, sometimes i miss on my outfit shots when harry is super-tired from work..sometimes i force him..LOL.

i wish i could see more of your DIY military jacket...it looks great even with just a sneak peak.

ps. how do you get to oyster bay? 1st or 2nd bridge?

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Anonymous said...

looks like youre having so much fun
thanks for sharing darling
and i love your blog, keep it up!


Marcella said...

The meal looked delicious!

And the DIY jacket is amazing from what I can see, definitely have to get some better pics of it!

Overdressed Me said...

we have got to get a full photo of that military jacket.

and im also interested to try that place.