Monday, March 15, 2010

Neons & Ponytails

Me and my darling friends from the office had a sleepover at one of our friend's house.
And what better way to kill the time than to play dress up and pose pose pose.
Yeah, while the rest of the Philippines and three fourths of the world were glued on their tivos to witness our very own hero, Manny Pacquaio reign supreme over Joshua Clottey, we were under the heat of the sun ramping and posing our hearts out in the village's clubhouse.
We didn't care if we looked like 80's has-beens in our outfits.
We love the decade our mothers popped us into this universe. LOL
After hours and hours of doing make-up, posing, smiling, and laughing, my friends realized that supermodels aren't called "super" for nothing.
Photoshoot is tough. But it makes a good exercise.
Especially if it involves jumping & running. LOL

P.S. The clothes used in these photos are owned by yours truly. tehehe

On me: white knit vest - thrifted
cut-off denim shorts - DIY
neon orange halter top - Bought from a friend
fishnet stockings - from a local store
neon Pink Earrings - from SM trade hall bazaar
peep-toe platforms - boutique brand from people are people
pink scarf (used as a band) - from SM

peep-toe platforms - boutique brand from people are people

On Rosamia
: stripe vest - thrifted
neon graphic shirt - thrifted
black satin shorts - local boutique (emall)
boots - boutique brand from people are people
wooden bracelets - SM trade hall bazaar

On Emely: dark blue shirt with shredded detail - thrifted
lace skirt - thrifted
chain necklace - DIY from a thrifted shirt
fishnet stockings - from a local store
studded belt - from SM
hoop earrings - gift from a bestfriend
mary jane shoes - emely's own

On Shy: purple shirt - emely's own
plaid shirt - thrifted
denim shorts - shy's own
shoes - marikina shoe exchange


Noelle Chantal said...

ah you ladies are so cute! love the 80's outfits and the quirky cute poses you girls did! looks like you all had so much fun :)

love all the shoes and smiles :)

Kookie B. said...

looks like you had loads of fun doing this photoshoot! did your fiance take the photos?


iamhaidrofilik said...

@kookie: yeah we really a good laugh while doing this. the fiance was unavailable so i asked one of my colleague to take the shots. And i edited this myself too. LOL