Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Other


To my Filipino readers, have you watched No Other Woman? Please do if you haven't already. Aside from I'm a super big fan of Anne Curtis, it's a story a boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, or anyone whose in a romantic relationship can relate to. I've been a supporter of local movies (at least those with substance) way back when movies only cost you PhP25 (yes, i feel so old. haha) Watched this movie twice, first with my bestest girlfriends and the second time with my boyfriend and his friends with their respective girlfriends. The dialogues are just too funny. I especially love the confrontation by the pool and of course the ever so classic catfight between the mistress and the wife. haha

Above photos were taken during a client shoot. :)

Floral/graphic print dress - thrifted
Olive cardigan - thrifted Calvin Klein 
Woven belt - thrifted 
Shoulder bag - thrifted Burberry
Gold sandals - Sister's 


Angeli G. said...

Wow, dred! You're thrifted finds are sooo HAWWT! :) CK and Burberry? Score! ;) I don't really watch Pinoy movies because I find them very predictable but whenever Anne is in it, I just have to ;)

aiz kim said...

am so curious about that movie too and cant wait to watch it. Love your floral vintage dress dear!

cherie said...

that floral dress is so pretty on you! i watched no other woman the second day it opened. it was hilarious!! one of the pinoy films i've enjoyed in a very long time.

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Love your dress!