Thursday, December 8, 2011

{The Colorfuls}


Supposed to not blog about this one because I only had a few photos to share. But it was just amazing that the three of us, Gizelle, Alexa, and I, coincidentally arrived at the airport in colorblocked outfits. So I just had to. Don't we all look so cute? tehehe
It was my first time to travel with these beautiful and fashionable souls and for the first time it's nice to not get comments from a traveling companion that my shorts are too short. Yes, I love to wear shorts during travel because it's light and I feel like my movements are not restrained especially that my luggage is 1 kilo overweight from the standard 15 kg baggage allowance. The only thing off from my comfortable outfit is that I was wearing heels. I had no choice but to wear it coz my bags were already full and there was not enough room to store the heels. hahaha So i just wore it instead. Clever right? Infairness the heels were light and comfy. So at least it lent me some extra inches for the pictures. hahaha

We arrived at Gizelle's tita's house around 10:30 pm and did some last minute price tagging for the clothes I was going to sell at the Bloggers United 2 the following day. Forget about beauty rest! It was one of the longest day ever! 

Bloggers United 2 post coming up next! I'll be back for more! :)

P.S. Last photo is by Eden. So paparazzi-ish. :) Thanks Eden!

Hot pink blazer - thrifted 
Orange stripe shirt - thrifted 
Denim shorts - thrifted 
Camel bag - thrifted 
Belt - Metro Ayala
Heels - Parisian 


Anonymous said...

traveling in style i must say! you girls look good as always. cant wait for your BU2 post, dred! katt made chika that you guys had so much fun! :))


ching said...

wicked cool! you girls are da bomb!

Phuong said...

i love your colorful outfits!

Travel in Style

Dominique B. said...

I love all the colors!!!

The Niknok Style

roanjean said...

Pink lips FTW! :D

Chyrel Gomez said...

everybody looks so fashionably coordinated! btw, kung naay wala mahalin. pag private sale, dred! haha! mag-atang sad kos imong closet sale! XD

sittie rainie limba said...

Thank you so much miss Dred! I will! hahaha.. I want to be a famous blogger just like you someday =D