Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Holiday Rush}


Went to run some errands and bought gifts for the coming Holiday season. Also accompanied the boyfriend to survey prospective locations for an upcoming shoot. So the only way to go was to wear flats for such an action-packed day. Action-packed in a sense that shopping nowadays requires a lot of legwork and patience (especially long cue for the cashier and the cab) to get everything done in one day.
Also decided to wear this breezy top I scored a while back from Gillian during the Bloggers United 2 bazaar. I got this one for free. Thanks Gillian! :)

edit: The top is from Eden pala. haha Sorry for the mix-up. Thanks Eden! :)

Animal print top - from Eden's closet
Denim shorts - thrifted 
Nautical stripe tote - from Festival Mall Alabang
Scarf used as turban - GCM
Yellow flats - Greenhills 

photo credits: Mom


Roxanne said...

definitely love the head scarf :)

Gela said...

i love the holidays & all. the only thing i hate about it is the REALLY BAD traffic, especially here in Manila! worse than usual. :(

great casual outfit, Dred! nice, effortless combination of prints & colors!

boat ride through the sky

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Love how you used a scarf to make a turban!

toni | perfumed red shoes said...

im halfway done with my gift list and i feel like giving up already! the mad holiday rush just stresses me out. lol

love your nautical tote, dred!

toni perfumed red shoes

kdawnsy said...

Hi Ate Dred! Love the top, worked perfectly with the head piece and shades! :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

Hello, Mildred! I'm not so sure but I think I saw you in F21 this week. I think it was Monday. Haha! You wore an army green pants and a cover up with the same color. Di lang gyud ko sure and wala nalang ko niduol kay basin dili diay ikaw. Haha!

I don't like the Holiday rush. It's driving me hazel nuts!

being miss east said...

agi lang ko oi kay nasuya kos shorts. hmmmmp.

dred said...

@chyrel: yes, that was me! buying the boyf some shoes. :) sayang wa ta nagkakita. hehe one of these days dear. :)

Eden said...

DRED! hahaha. that was MY shirt prior! lol. i was wondering who bought it but when I came back gillian just gave me the sale na. shock man sad ko haha. i wore the shirt in this post:

but its okay, I would also give that to you for free. hahaha. glad you like the shirt lol.


dred said...

@eden: hahaha sorry den. i thought it was gillian's coz it was among the pile that's supposed to be donated. i asked the girls na mine nalang coz gillian was gone na. you were probably busy doing the rounds that time. haha mine na ha? lol

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

the bright yellow flats! weeee! <3

i did my christmas shopping last wednesday pa gani...and it was hella crazy!

merry christmas to you and moi2x dred! mwah!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Jerlie Driza Baruiz said...

I love the BAG!!! I'm obsessed with anchors.. :)