Tuesday, March 6, 2012



"Recycled fashion" aka thrifted clothes is one of the ways to help Mother Earth. Think of all the trees and the energy exhausted in processing a batch of clothing. Don't get me wrong I am not preaching against people who are addicted to brand new clothes.  I'm just trying to justify my overindulgence to thrifting. haha 

I am such an addict that my heart flutters at the sight of hangered clothes at an "ukay" shop or even those that are piled sloppily at the sidewalk. Boyfriend almost always have to whisk me away from the area coz once I get inside there is no stopping me. haha 

Please excuse the limp hair, took these just minutes after I took a shower. :)

Green top - thrifted 
Ash grey skinny pants - thrifted 
Denim top (inner) - thrifted Levi's 
Black pumps - Tru 
Mint satchel - bazaar find 
Bow tie - cut from a headband
Polka dot sheer socks - SM
Hat - Metro Gaisano


ohsomefrankie said...

Cool outfit ! <3

- www.ohsomefrankie.blogspot.com

Violet said...

love the mint color on you it perfect on your skin tone. and don't worry about the hair it adds a cool factor to these photos.

and i hear you about thrifting i try to limit myself to the rare trip every now and then so its like a treat.