Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{ G R O U N D E D }


Ph. Marlon Capuyan || Shot on location @ The Manor, Baguio City

The boyfriend once asked me what is it about bloggers and that looking-at-the-ground thing when being photographed? I don't know with the other bloggers but my answer to that is this: i am too shy to look straight to the camera especially when there are a lot of people (or worse strangers) around. So i just act as if I don't really care. haha 
Everytime I'm in a public place like a mall for example, I just instruct the boyfriend to  click click click then I just move a little, bend a little or pretend to walk away so as not to be obvious that I am being photographed. S&#t! What can I do I am painfully shy like that. 

At nag-fashion blogger pa ako. Eh gusto ko to eh. Whatever! 

How about you guys, what is your explanation to this generic and fail safe fashion blogger pose? :)


Floral coat - thrifted 
Black pleated dress - City of Vintage
Opaque tights - SM
Brown wedge booties - F21
Brown belt - bought from a friend 
Crystal necklace - SM 
Sunglasses - Chris and Berns 


Denise said...

oh gosh. what is it with people and cameras? i can't take photos with people around that's why i can look at the camera and smile.

you looking so delish girl. will be going to baguio for husband's birthday soon. can't wait for the lamig so i can wear beanie, and tights and jackets and scarves. sabay sabay na.

Gela said...

i get really awkward, too, when somebody else takes my photos. but when i'm alone w/ self-timer, it's easier for me. except i always run out of poses, so i just smile or fake laugh. hahaha.

btw, that coat is a dream, dred!!! <3

boat ride through the sky

Anagon =) said...

Gets na gets ko yan! :D Ako din because I dont know how to pose naman or ang awkward lang talaga ng ngiti ko (cant do fierce to save my life hahaha) so ayun, yuko! ;) Hahaha! :D Btw, I love the coat <3

Angeli G. said...

I hate that I can sooo relate to your post but mine is the hair-touching and hand-flipping blogger pose! I just couldn't think of any pose other than that! Hahaha! :))
Alone or not, people watching or not, I really don't care! Hihii!
Bongga ang Baguio outfit! Winter na winter!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Dred, thank you for visiting and you're really religious with the wish list. I am serious with filing a leave just so I can sort some photos, blog and blog hop. I love Baguio but wait 'til you get to Sagada.

Also, I pose face down cause it looks way better. I meant my face. Haha! When in public, I don't get shy. KEVS na! I need to blog! XD

Happy New Year! See you this 2012!

Superblondeep said...

I too sometimes passes the same situation. When I have to take pictures of my outfit on the street gives me great shame that people look at me lol. I love your coat. kiss

ira jennena said...

haha..right dred,i can relate to that..pretending to do something while being photographed..stares make us so conscious..

roanjean said...

Hi Dred! I sometimes look down but most times I look away. Kunwari wala lang coz I get really shy and awkward. I also get this tingly/nervous feeling (di ko madescribe haha!) when being photographed solo in public.

I love your coat! Bug-at sya? Or is it made of light material? :D

x Roan

dred said...

@roanjean: hi dear! the coat is super comfy and warm and it's also lightweight. :)

Ellie said...

Haha that too funny! I totally agree. I feel so awkward looking straight in the camera, so looking away helps sometimes! Love your blog and your style. I'm following. Hope to hear from you soon!


Mileide Almeida said...

omg!! amazing Dress!! *_*

Eden said...

hay, baguio! ikaw na dred! i keep tweeting about wanting to go and wearing all the layering and fantastic outerwear i can put on. hahaha.

hmmm. about the posing... lol. i don't have a particular signature but i agree with you-- sometimes uwaw jud if you stare full on, depends siguro if naay tao. basta ako i just like to look tall kay you know putot ko. ahhaha.

me likey this coat:)


toni | perfumed red shoes said...

kani si moi, himantayon jud! hahaha! pero true, i dont like being photographed in a public place cos dagger stares make me nervous. and, i always, always do the hair-touching ang duko2x pose! usahay dred kay bako na to the max tungod conscious. LOL!

pero ha, i like your coat!

Jenine S. said...

Haha, I totally agree with your rants! :p I do that para dramatic. Hah! I can't do fierce face so I just look down for extra drama :)