Thursday, January 5, 2012

{ S P A R K L E }

Photos: Sister

Who says you can't wear sparkly clothes during an ordinary day and on broad daylight?

Since I don't party much, i have to find ways to incorporate some of my party clothes (which i dutifully buy and reserve for some spur of the moments partying plans) into my ordinary day style.  My trick is I just added a hint of funk vibe via a splash of color to tone down this party piece. Then finish off with a hat which comes in handy during flat hair days then I'm good to go.  


Sparkly top - thrifted 
Denim shorts - thrifted
Floral vest - from Vanessa's closet (thanks Kat! :))
Mint satchel - bazaar find 
Brown lace-ups - Primadonna
Hat - Metro Gaisano


being miss east said...

yey! na happy ko naa sa imo ang vest! hahaha and the sparkly top is love, dred!

happy new year to you, as weLL!

may 2012 be a better year <3


Superblondeep said...

cool sunglasses! xoxo

Liezyl Gomez said...

hala ganahan ko sa vest! love the sparkly-sparkly too!

Jonessa said...

I love your outfit! I especially love the fact that you used a sparkly top during the day. :)

Angeli G. said...

I love your floral vest! :))
The sparkly top is LOOVE, too :))
I just can't believe your clothes are mostly thrifted. Masuya jud ko prmi. Okay, I should thrift more OORR you can always bitbit me when you go thrifting!! Hahhaa! ;)

AVA T.♥ said...

somewhat reminds me of a boho summer look!:) love it especially the bag!

Gela said...

i've got quite a few sparkly clothes in my closetthat i've never worn since i don't really party either. inspired by you, maybe i'll take 'em out for a spin one of these days!

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Francesca said...

hope you had a great new years! great blog- such inspiration xx

decimal shoes said...

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Toni said...

love your sparkly top, dred! i wanna dive deeper into sparkly territory that i wanna go ukay the at soonest possible time and pray to the ukay gods that they bless me with all things pretty and sparkly haha!

btw, i just had to add.. unsay definite plans for 2012?? ayayay! will i hear tingiling-ngiling soon? :)) #echoserangpalaka. haha!

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Chyrel Gomez said...

surprisingly, i'm love sparkly tops or skirts and i was lucky to ukay liz claiborne. mura gyud kog na inlove ug balik. haha!

always love your photos, dred.

happy new year! :)

Vina Yabut said...

Love your look! :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

dred, ukay ta beh...hehehe. i want your finds! it's really been a while since i've gone ukay na jud cuz of our wholesale stocks...but ukay is the bestest!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥